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Xin Zhong

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Since our founding in April 2015, 12 Sigma Technologies (12 Sigma) has been dedicated to our mission: Bring Deep Learning to Intelligent Medicine. Driven by this vision, 12 Sigma has developed a comprehensive suite of semi-automatic/automatic medical diagnosis systems and medical data analytics systems, all based on artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques.

In the past three years, 12 Sigma has built research and marketing operations in San Diego, Beijing, Shanghai, and Suzhou. A trailblazer in medical artificial intelligence, 12 Sigma has developed a series of clinically proven, highly effective auxiliary diagnostic products based on medical imaging (e.g., CT, DR) for diverse diseases: pulmonary nodules, lung and chest diseases, stroke, brain tumors, brain trauma, thyroid diseases, liver tumors, pancreatic diseases, prostate diseases, breast tumors and fracture.



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