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National Decision Support Company to debut CareSelect Imaging at RSNA 2016
Expanded imaging platform features multiple Appropriate Use Criteria sources and enhanced decision support capabilities

Madison, WI (October 12, 2016) – At RSNA 2016 National Decision Support Company will showcase its expanded imaging decision support solution, CareSelect Imaging. Since the announcement of its flagship ACR Select solution in 2012 NDSC has earned the trust of prestigious healthcare providers and content sources worldwide. CareSelect Imaging expands on the range of criteria offered for imaging decision support and adds new core capabilities to the delivery platform.

“Through CareSelect Imaging, NDSC clients can now immediately access a comprehensive range of Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) published by every medical specialty society and multiple provider led entities qualified by CMS to produce criteria as outlined in the provisions of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014 (PAMA),” said Bob Cooke, VP of Marketing, NDSC.

The expanded AUC and indications from multiple qPLE cover comprehensive clinical scenarios for diagnostic, cardiac and cancer imaging through a single delivery platform. CareSelect imaging now contains Pediatric AUC and indications published in a joint effort by the Society of Pediatric Radiology and American College of Radiology. These new Pediatric criteria build on the foundational criteria sets in NDSC’s flagship ACR Select offering as well as criteria from the American College of Cardiology and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network and other medical specialty societies.

“Delivering a comprehensive set of criteria and indications all rationalized into a single delivery platform assures providers that CareSelect Imaging will enable full compliance with all aspects of PAMA,” Cooke said. “On the delivery side, this assures that providers find the correct clinical question to answer through imaging to avoid outlier status with enough clinical specificity to ensure correct coding for a payable claim for the Radiologist. This unified set of criteria also enables sites to readily adapt or create new guidelines to suit local practice or payer requirements.”

CareSelect Imaging includes a sophisticated calculation engine powered by a rich exchange of data with the EMR. The calculation engine enables new capabilities including the computation of Wells and PERC scores for Pulmonary Embolism and Pediatric Head Trauma based on PECARN (in support of JACHO requirements) and the ability to further inform provider feedback with data such as lab values and pregnancy status when accessing AUC.

“ACR Select remains the foundation of our imaging solution and still represents the majority of the decision support criteria,” Cooke Said. “CareSelect Imaging expands our imaging solution to offer a community of qualified and respected criteria, delivered through a platform that informs the order entry process and provides an automated exchange of authorization data with payers.”

The CareSelect platform is fully embedded within the order entry systems of all leading EMR platforms.

More Information about CareSelect Imaging is available at
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About National Decision Support Company
National Decision Support Company provides enterprise wide Clinical Decision Support solutions that enable more efficient and appropriate care, improve population health, and save money. Our CareSelect technology platform converts published guidelines from credible, compliant content sources into actionable decision support criteria delivered directly into the EMR workflow.

About CareSelect Imaging
CareSelect Imaging expands on the ACR Select Technology Platform to deliver a comprehensive range of Appropriate Use Criteria for diagnostic imaging. AUC is sourced from qualified Provider Led Entities (qPLE) including the American College of Radiology, the American College of Cardiology and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network®. Criteria is delivered directly into the EMR workflow to provide actionable, PAMA compliant decision support in real time.

Media Contact:
Bob Cooke –  VP of Marketing, NDSC