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Hermes Medical Solutions releases Remnant Liver Analysis bringing surgical planning to Hybrid Viewer Platform

Stockholm - November 28th 2016

This application is designed to assist in pre-operative assessment of Future Remnant Liver (FRL) function in patients for whom liver resection is being considered or required. Postoperative liver failure, which is primarily caused by insufficient FRL function, is difficult to manage and can be fatal (1).

The application uses dynamic planar and SPECT-CT studies, which are able to provide functional information about the FRL that previously was not available using the traditional, volumetric, CT based method. The additional functional information has been shown to significantly reduce the number of patients who experience postoperative liver failure, leading to a better patient outcome and to surgical cost savings.

To learn more about this new application and how HERMES continued efforts to accentuate customer support, breakthroughs in innovation, and providing clinical excellence in Enterprise Molecular Imaging Solutions, visit us at our booth (Exhibit Hall A - 2969) at the RSNA 2016 in Chicago between November 27 and December 2.

With more than 40 years of recognition for Clinical Excellence and innovation in Molecular Imaging, HERMES delivers Enterprise Class systems and software for integrating, visualizing, processing and archiving imaging data from different imaging modalities and devices within Molecular Imaging and Radiology. HERMES solutions are empowering physicians by enabling faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients, thereby improving quality and increasing efficiency for healthcare providers pursuing refined clinical pathways in Precision Medicine.

(1) Cieslak KP et al. Measurement of liver function using hepatobiliary scintigraphy improves risk assessment in patients undergoing
major liver resection. HPB (Oxford). 2016 Sep;18(9):773-80. DOI 10.1016/j.hpb.2016.06.006.

(2) Stephen J Wigmore, Editorial Review in HPB (Oxford). 2016 Sep;18(9)

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