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Hermes Medical Solutions releases Hybrid Viewer Dosimetry and OLINDA/EXM 2.0 bringing Personalized Radionuclide Treatment

Stockholm - November 30th 2016

Patient Specific Dosimetry optimizes therapeutic radionuclide treatment to the maximum safe dose to the patient’s healthy tissue. Each patient responds differently to treatment and serial radionuclide imaging provide patient specific information about the individual nuclide kinetics in tumors and normal organs to an administered dose. This information allows the physician to optimally tailor further doses to the patient. This provides the best outcome for the patient and reduces costs incurred by inappropriate treatment.

Hybrid Viewer Dosimetry(1) and OLINDA/EXM 2.0(2), when leveraged together, provide Personalized Radionuclide Treatment. Hybrid Viewer Dosimetry provides a fast and efficient way to generate kinetic data for selected organs. The residence time is seamlessly passed to Olinda/EXM V2.0 for absorbed dose tables, using MIRD methodology. The Hybrid Dosimetry application accepts serial Wholebody, SPECT/CT and PET/CT studies.

To learn more about this new application and how HERMES continued efforts to accentuate customer support, breakthroughs in innovation, and providing clinical excellence in Enterprise Molecular Imaging Solutions, visit us at our booth (Exhibit Hall A – 2969) at the RSNA 2016 in Chicago between November 27 and December 2.

With more than 40 years of recognition for Clinical Excellence and innovation in Molecular Imaging, HERMES delivers Enterprise Class systems and software for integrating, visualizing, processing and archiving imaging data from different imaging modalities and devices within Molecular Imaging and Radiology. HERMES solutions are empowering physicians by enabling faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients, thereby improving quality and increasing efficiency for healthcare providers pursuing refined clinical pathways in Precision Medicine.

(1) Hybrid Viewer Dosimetry: Commercially available in Europe, Canada and U.S.
(2) OLINDA/EXM 2.0: Commercially available in Europe and Canada. U.S., Pending 510k, not available for sale in the United States and no sales orders may be taken.   •

For further information: BENOIT GALARNEAU, Director Strategic Marketing NA, Tel: 1 (514) 288-5675,