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GelPro Launches NewLife® Eco-Pro Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat for Commercial Use
Inspired by Popular Mat Solutions for the Home, GelPro’s Latest Innovation Delivers the Industry’s First Integral Skin Polyurethane Anti-Fatigue Mat Made with Bio-Foam®

AUSTIN, TX – July 16, 2013 – GelPro®, the world’s leader in comfort flooring solutions, today introduced NewLife® Eco-Pro, a new line of premium, eco-friendly and ergonomic commercial anti-fatigue floor mats designed specifically to benefit a workforce that stands. NewLife® Eco-Pro is the industry’s first integral skin polyurethane mat made with Bio-Foam®, a plant-based renewable resource.

“NewLife® Eco-Pro sets itself apart as an anti-fatigue mat because it is so versatile in the workforce and it’s also good for the environment. The mat can withstand the toughest industrial conditions while also being aesthetically pleasing for office use. I have personally been using a NewLife® Eco-Pro at my stand-up desk station and it is a game changer,” said Robb McMahan, Founder and CEO of GelPro.

According to new research, the use of NewLife® Eco-Pro mats can positively impact the health of people who stand for long periods. *Texas A&M University’s System Health Science Center, conducted an independent research study that evaluated the ergonomics of industrial anti-fatigue floor mats. The study concluded that NewLife® Eco-Pro is superior at reducing spinal compression and maintaining flexibility in workers who spend time standing as compared to traditional anti-fatigue mats.

NewLife® Eco-Pro mats not only provide much needed relief to employees who stand, but their use can reduce injury and time away from work while minimizing employer’s exposure to health-related claims. The use of NewLife® Eco-Pro anti-fatigue mats promotes emotional benefits through increased productivity and boosted morale at work.

NewLife® Eco-Pro mats maintain their quality and appearance, and won’t become a tripping hazard, disintegrate or develop an undesirable smell, all of which are typical issues with traditional commercial anti-fatigue mats. The mats also have anti-microbial properties and will not absorb water. At three quarters of an inch thick, New Life® Eco-Pro mats are puncture and stain-resistant, and maintain resilience and optimal comfort over time. Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) for its high-traction bottom surface, NewLife® ensures the highest level of slip resistance compared to other mats currently on the market.

Aesthetically engineered for both industrial environments and customer-facing spaces, NewLife® Eco-Pro mats come in two color options: Black and Taupe, and range in size from 20’’ x 32’’, 20’’ x 48’’, 20’’ x 72’’, 24’’ x 36’’ and 36’’ x 60’’.

NewLife® Eco-Pro mats are made in the USA and come with a five-year warranty.  NewLife® Eco-Pro Mats are available for purchase through commercial distributors, ORR Safety, Motion Industries, Inc., and AliMed.  They may also be purchased direct from the manufacturer at or by calling 1 (866) GEL MATS (435-6287).

*Full study available upon request; 2012 Ergonomic Study of Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats, Texas A&M University System Health Science Center, School of Rural Public Health

About Let’s Gel, Inc.

Let’s Gel, Inc. (LGI) is a privately held company based in Austin, TX and is the leading global provider of branded anti-fatigue floor mats for residential and commercial use. The company markets its products under the well-known flooring brands GelPro® and NewLife®. LGI’s mission is to offer innovative products that improve the lives of the people who stand on them. Robb McMahan, an engineer by trade, who created the only patented anti-fatigue mat with a gel core, founded LGI in 2004. In 2012, LGI expanded with the addition of NewLife® branded mats for residential use. In 2013, NewLife® Eco-Pro Mats were introduced into commercial markets. GelPro® and NewLife® mats are proudly made in the USA. To learn more about LGI and its brands, visit our website at, like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. Stand in Comfort! ®


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