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Esaote launches the MyLab™Six CrystaLine at RSNA 2016 - the next generation of its multi-use MyLab™Six ultrasound platform, combining hardware and software innovations to enhance image quality, increase productivity and provide flexibility of diagnostics

CHICAGO, Nov. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --  Esaote, one of the world leaders in the manufacturing of medical imaging equipment, introduces the MyLab™Six CrystaLine at the Radiology Society of North America (27th of November to December 2nd, 2016). The latest evolution in its Ultrasound portfolio, the MyLab™Six CrystaLine Ultrasound System offers CrystaLine premium image quality, with special attention to ergonomics and ease of use, all in a versatile cart-based system. The MyLab™Six CrystaLine supports a broad range of diagnostic applications from General Imaging, to MSK and Rheumatology, to Women's Health and Cardiovascular.

Confident Diagnosis

The MyLab™Six CrystaLine ultrasound system represents Esaote's latest technological innovation, focused on image quality enhancement, penetration and increased image detail and resolution. "MyLab™Six CrystaLine is the result of continual collaboration between Esaote's R&D team, Clinicians, and a broad network of Universities, to improve image formation and processing technologies, as well as design and workflow solutions," said Leonardo Forzoni, Esaote's Ultrasound Clinical Marketing Manager. "Difficult-to-scan patients are quite common in today's echo labs. The Esaote MyLab™Six CrystaLine upgrade addresses these challenges by offering better penetration, optimal image contrast, increased spatial resolution and less speckle artifacts. Detailed images are captured with overweight patients, providing clinical confidence even in very deep areas."

Productivity and Comfort

The MyLab™Six CrystaLine's cart-based compact design, features intuitive and easy to use workflow maximizing user comfort, and patient throughput. CrystaLine comes with a large selection of Esaote's appleprobe ergonomic transducers which provide a natural and comfortable operating position reducing risk of musculoskeletal stress and strain. The system features controls within easy reach, reduced distances from the trackball of the most used functions, short cuts, as well as macro recalling capabilities to automate frequent actions.

The intuitive system frees up operational time so healthcare professionals can focus on providing the best standard of care to their patients. The MyLab™Six CrystaLine's ergonomic workflow integrates the latest Esaote productivity solutions, including:

  • Advanced AutoAdjust image and Doppler parameter adjustment at the touch of a button
  • SmarTouch for quick access to multiple settings and adjustments in real-time
  • Protocols with pre-defined actions to reduce the number of keystrokes needed for common applications
  • eTouch™ task recorder which enables the user to recall complex sequences of buttons and controls with a simple touch screen activation

Massimo Rosa, Esaote's Chief Global Marketing Officer said "The MyLab™Six CrystaLine-powered engine represents a major improvement in all the clinical aspects relevant in diagnostic ultrasound scanning. With this system we want to offer our customers a solid and confident platform housed in a compact design which answers all their clinical needs."

Efficiency, Versatility and Value

The MyLab™Six CrystaLine is an adaptable and flexible ultrasound system in a variety of clinical settings, making it a premium choice within its class. The MyLab™Six CrystaLine maximizes efficiency in ultrasound scanning and offers improved diagnostic value through optimizing all aspects of signal transmission, starting from the echo generated by the patient's body up to the display on the system's monitor. The CrystaLine engine is fine-tuned with Esaote IQ probes to optimize penetration frequencies to derive maximum benefit from the energy delivered, allowing for better energy usage, and a higher level of diagnostic clarity. Wireless and wired connectivity offer data saving and transmission options. The Esaote MyLab™Six CrystaLine system is green; with reduced energy consumption for lower energy costs.

"Esaote has always been focused on developing innovations that improve diagnostic confidence with the clinician in mind," stated Glenn Davis, President of Esaote North America . "This new introduction increases the value proposition that Esaote brings to our customers and their patients."

Esaote will be exhibiting MyLab™Six CrystaLine at RSNA 2016. For more information please visit our online resources at

Esaote will be exhibiting at RSNA 2016, Chicago, November 27thDecember 2nd  2016.
Location: Booth #4103 – Hall A, South Building

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