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Arterys Receives FDA clearance for Arterys MICA, its web-based medical imaging analytics platform
A new era of web-based medical imaging diagnosis is beginning with the Arterys MICA platform. The platform delivers artificial intelligence-enabled clinical applications in real time for an extremely fast, productive and interactive experience.

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Arterys Inc., the leader in intelligent cloud-based medical imaging software solutions, has announced the unveiling of their Arterys MICA platform at the 2017 Radiological Society of North America annual meeting (RSNA), November 26 - 30 in Chicago. Visitors to the Arterys Booth (#8361 McCormick Place-North Hall B), will be able to interact with a new portfolio of web-based artificial intelligence (AI) offerings supported by the platform.

Arterys has created Arterys MICA: a novel AI platform for medical image analytics. Today, most imaging interpretation solutions are installed inside hospitals and lack the computing power to deliver real-time, interactive AI insights to medical images.  Arterys MICA is web based, and runs on a scalable, distributed GPU architecture. As a result, physicians benefit from vast amounts of computation and can leverage artificial intelligence algorithms instantly.

MICA can support multiple workflows in a variety of imaging modalities, such as MRI and CT. It was designed to work seamlessly with applications that integrate AI algorithms into workflows, allowing clinicians to interact with and edit their output in real time. The system also captures these user edits, so that algorithms can later be improved based on real-world use, creating collective intelligence to benefit all users.

Additionally, MICA includes the Arterys PHI Service, which ensures protected patient data remains within the hospital network, yet it can be accessed remotely by users with the right credentials. This solution is critical in achieving scale while protecting patient data privacy. This proprietary technology complies with regional data and privacy laws in the US, Canada and the EU, and is already working well at top clinical and academic institutions in these regions. 

The cloud provides several additional benefits, including scalability without additional IT investment,  access to the latest updates and upgrades instantly, and the ability to share images of any size easily and with a complete set of interpretation tools. MICA now supports three applications: the FDA-cleared Cardio AIMR and a new clearance-pending application to support Oncology workflow for lung and liver: Arterys Liver AIMR, CT  and Arterys Lung AICT.

"We are excited to see how the Arterys MICA platform realizes our vision of democratizing high quality care via data driven medicine and assisting radiologists across a wide variety of workflows," said CEO and Co-Founder Fabien Beckers. "The platform and these products get us one step closer to our vision of empowering physicians with AI to convert data into insights, so they can define the optimal path for each of their patients."

Demonstrations of the FDA-clearance pending oncology workflows will also be available. Supported by MICA, these products have been designed to volumetrically segment and measure suspicious lesions, help track them over time and allow clinicians to apply radiological standards such as LI-RADS and Lung-RADS as appropriate.

Machine Learning Showcase

At the Machine Learning Showcase, CEO Fabien Beckers and Dr. Albert Hsiao will present "A Year of Experience with AI in the Market: What We've Learned and the Future of Medical Imaging and Cloud AI," and offer anecdotes, learnings, and insights from a year of on-market experience with AI, followed by discussion of the role cloud AI will play, occurring Monday, Nov. 27, at 12:00 noon at the Machine Learning Showcase stage, North Hall B.

About Arterys

Arterys was founded in 2011 to facilitate the global advancement of medicine through data, artificial intelligence and technology. Because a significant proportion of the world's medical data resides in medical images, Arterys set out to tackle several issues around the space, including the enormous workloads radiologists face, the lack of accuracy with many of today's tools, and the need for increased consistency across practices. Arterys is now focused on expanding its technology beyond cardiac MRI to continue solving some of radiology's most pressing needs. For more information, please contact us at:

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