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Metrasens Releases New Zone 2 Ferromagnetic Detection System
Improves Efficiency and Reduces Alarm Fatigue in Patient Screening

LISLE, IL – November 17, 2022 – Metrasens, a recognized leader in advanced detection systems for security and safety applications, today announced the release of its Metrasens Ultra for use in Zone 2 ferromagnetic detection patient screening.      

Metrasens Ultra has now proven its exceptional detection performance in use across many industries, making now the perfect time to release it to the healthcare market for use in protecting against patient injury risks in MRI suites.  “Metrasens Ultra is a fantastic product, leveraging technology advancements to allow MRI staff to more efficiently and effectively screen patients within their preferred workflow for ferrous metal risks”, said David Austin, Vice President of Sales, Americas for Metrasens. 

Highly sensitive and precise, Metrasens Ultra can detect the smallest ferrous objects with the benefit of precise location identification (zoning), facilitating the secondary screening process and improving the overall efficiency and reliability of patient screening practices. 

In addition to its always-on, standard screening mode, Metrasens Ultra features a touch-to-screen mode to enable screening only as needed, in seconds.  While in this mode, Ultra will not produce visual or audible alerts until ready to screen a patient., further reducing the probabilities of alarm fatigue. 

“Metrasens Ultra is a perfect complement to the Ferroguard Assure Zone 3 door entry ferromagnetic detection system and, enhances the combined effect on reducing both patient and staff introduced ferrous risks”, said Austin.  “Our customers that have already had the opportunity to see and try Ultra have been really impressed and we cannot wait for RSNA to demonstrate Metrasens capabilities to even more imaging staff.”

Metrasens is exhibiting at RSNA in booth #2875 in the South Hall.  For more information regarding the full complement of activities at the booth, please visit

About Metrasens

Metrasens is the world’s leading provider of advanced magnetic detection technologies. With a technology center and manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom, a North American sales and customer service hub in Chicago and a global network of distributors, the company’s innovative products are designed to address deficiencies in conventional screening methods and make the world safer and more secure. Metrasens’ mission is to take cutting-edge science from the laboratory and use it to create revolutionary, award-winning products that meet the distinct and diverse security needs of its customers. Metrasens’ core technologies have a wide range of real-world applications, embodied by solutions that are easy to adopt and simple to use.  For more information, visit


Dan Kuzniewski
Vice President of Marketing