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From MRI scan to 3D printed model in one hour
NewPro3D’s “NP1” 3D Printer can produce anatomical models faster than ever by optimizing the entire print cycle of file preparation, printing and post-processing.

RSNA show, Chicago, IL, November 2018 - NewPro3D demonstrates it’s ultra-fast 3D print process, producing 3D medical models in minutes.​ As the use of 3D printed models in the medical field becomes more prevalent, whether for surgical planning, patient consultation, or medical education, delivering accurate, usable objects as quickly as possible is becoming key. NewPro3D has looked at the entire print cycle, from file preparation, printing and post processing to deliver a system that meets the demands of the medical community by overcoming the frustratingly slow speeds experienced to date, with no loss of quality.

NewPro3D has partnered with Materialise, the leader in 3D printing software for medical applications, to offer a one-stop solution for file preparation that can convert DICOM data, from an MRI or CT scan, to an STL file for printing in as little as 10-15 minutes. Print speeds are then dramatically increased using NewPro3D’s unique, patented system that includes a specially designed membrane (ILI™), and which also enables the removal of supports in a matter of seconds. With a print size of up to 192mm x 120 mm x 300 mm, the result is usable 3D medical models from MRIs and CT scans, exceptionally fast.

NewPro3D’s Beta phase, that has seen its printers being tested by Stanford University (Radiology), University of Louisville (Dental), and University of Washington (Cardiology), is coming to an end, and consumer-ready printers will begin shipping in March, 2019.

“We learned a lot from our Beta testers, and we are very happy that we had a chance to work with such incredible teams and organizations. Thanks to their feedback, and to the hard work from the NewPro team, we are now fully confident in the NP1 system we will be delivering to customers in 2019. It is an exciting time for 3D printing in medical. We have seen a big evolution in materials and software in the last 4 years, and I think many people will be surprised by what is possible today that seemed out of reach just a couple of years ago.” - Gabriel Castanon, COO.

Visit booth 1968-S where NewPro3D will be printing live every day. New prints start at 11:00 AM and at 2:00 PM. 

NewPro3D is a North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada based company founded in 2014 with a patented process for ultra-fast 3D printing of plastics.

If you would like more information on the NewPro3D printer and how to order, please email

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