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Direct Radiology Launches Automation Intelligence Software to Enhance Workflow
New technology enhancements drive efficiency and ease radiology industry pain points

COEUR D’ALENE, IDAHO – Nov. 28, 2016 – Direct Radiology, a leading provider of teleradiology solutions for radiologists and radiology groups throughout the United States, has launched automation intelligence software to enhance its teleradiology offering. The technology developments include Automated Query Retrieve, Monitoring and Automated Uptime, and Reverse DICOM Report Delivery.

Jesse Wakley, director of IT for Direct Radiology, has been spearheading the projects since joining the team in June 2016.

“We felt a responsibility to address some of the pain points radiologists, technologists, and clinicians experience on a day-to-day basis by implementing tools to improve our overall customer and patient care,” said Wakley. “Direct Radiology is known for its exceptional quality, reliability and fast turnaround times, but we are always looking to streamline the world of teleradiology. These enhancements will improve radiologist’s reading experience, client’s IT implementation, maintenance experience, and allow our customers to focus on what they need to – patient care.”

These technology enhancements will streamline workflow, save the customer time and money and increase turnaround times for Direct Radiology. Specifics include:

  • The Automated Query Retrieve software automatically looks through the on-site PACS archive and pulls relevant prior exams and reports using a proprietary algorithm. This saves technologists time, as this had been a manual process, and improves the quality of Direct Radiology’s reports by allowing its radiologists to access prior exams more consistently and faster than before. For locations with an HL7 interface, the software can begin accessing archives and pulling prior exams even before the patient is seen in some cases.
  • Direct Radiology’s Reverse DICOM Report Delivery provides an optional, new and efficient, HIPAA compliant method of electronic report delivery. If desired, Direct Radiology can send the completed reports directly back to the on-site PACS system. The report displays as a DICOM image alongside the study images in the PACS.
  • The company has added Monitoring and Automated Uptime which improves its report monitoring and delivery. This technology monitors the servers and provides Direct Radiology with a notification if there is a problem with the flow of cases or reports so they can fix it fast. The software communicates with the site server and monitors everything, including the HL7 sender and DICOM listener, automatically fixing any issue if it detects downtime. It regularly checks to make sure that the machine doesn’t have to repair itself on the fly.

Wakley will be discussing these technology enhancements at RSNA. For more information, visit the Direct Radiology RSNA booth, North - Hall B: 6801.

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