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PACSHealth, LLC Introduces VNAHealth® to Manage Complex Medical Imaging Systems
Meeting the needs of evolving healthcare IT environments

Scottsdale, AZ, November 23, 2015 —PACSHealth, LLC, a developer of innovative medical imaging software applications will be introducing VNAHealth® at the upcoming RSNA 2015 annual meeting. VNAHealth is a new tool that enables enterprise imaging managers to monitor DICOM imaging studies as they move between imaging modalities, workstations and data repositories known as Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA’s). By building off their successful PACSHealth® product, VNAHealth is designed to help healthcare organizations monitor and manage their complex enterprise imaging networks that are likely to include multiple PACS and a VNA.

Access to, and the availability of, DICOM based clinical imaging studies are vital underpinnings to realizing the clinical quality and care coordination benefits that are the promise of a sound enterprise imaging strategy. Because of the provider consolidation that has occurred over the past 5 years, imaging exams can originate from multiple disparate locations and be fed into a single VNA, thus monitoring each exam is critical to ensuring its’ availability. “Historically imaging studies have only moved between the modality and a single PACS,” said Mike Battin, COO of PACSHealth, LLC. "Now with the push towards VNA utilization, the limitations inherent in DICOM Storage are amplified as network complexity increases, so monitoring study integrity is critical to effectively  managing enterprise workflows.”

VNAHealth Benefits:

  1. Validate the integrity of exams as they pass from source to destination systems and provide inconsistency reports in real-time.
  2. Provide enterprise-level visibility to the entire DICOM image database within the VNA
  3. Ensure the availability of a patient’s complete imaging history, to facilitate improved care coordination and clinical quality.

PACSHealth, LLC will also be demonstrating at RSNA 2015 new versions of their PACSHealth monitoring and reporting tool, and their DoseMonitor® software for monitoring patient exposure to ionizing radiation.

About PACSHealth, LLC

PACSHealth, LLC is a software development company based in Scottsdale, AZ, that develops software systems for medical imaging technology. PACSHealth, LLC includes the PHS Technologies Group, LLC division which develops advanced solutions that enable hospitals to manage patient radiation exposure and comply with regulatory requirements and industry guidelines. To learn more visit PACSHealth, LLC in Booth #2105 - South Hall, at RSNA 2015.

Contact: Mike Battin
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