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RedRick Technologies Introduces Their New 
ComfortView - HOME™ Ergonomic Workstation
Designed to Eliminate the Risks of Repetitive Stress Injuries by Enabling Radiologists Working at Home to Have an Ergonomic Workspace

Mount Brydges, ON Canada, May 12, 2021-- RedRick Technologies, a provider of purpose-built ergonomic workstations, monitor mounting solutions, and reading room design guidance for healthcare professionals, announces the release of their new ComfortView - HOME™ Ergonomic Workstation that is designed for radiologists working from home.

Driven in large part by the COVID-19 pandemic, more radiologists are working remotely and in home offices. They are discovering that the same ergonomic workplace challenges they experienced in the reading room are present in their home office. In addition, they may be struggling with less space and aesthetic design issues. ComfortView – HOME™ is a pre-configure, optimized workstation designed for the home offices by providing:

  • Effortless sit/stand and monitor adjustments that facilitate frequent changing of position
  • Monitor adjustments that are independent of an unbroken work surface that maximizes user workspace
  • Attractive aesthetics and compact design
  • Dimmable blue back lighting that helps reduce eye fatigue and maintain visual acuity

Dr. Bryant Oliverson, a radiologist for Intermountain Healthcare, recently purchase a ComforView – HOME™ for his home office and says, “The ComfortView – HOME™ ergonomic workstation that I purchased from RedRick technologies is awesome in so many ways.  It was easy to set up and provides a super stable space for my 4 monitor PACS reading station.  Not only can I now sit and stand throughout the day, but I can adjust the monitors just like my workstation back in the reading room.” 

Greg Patrick, CEO at RedRick Technologies, points out “Like many professionals over this last year, radiologists are increasingly providing their services from a home office.  As this has extended over time, they are experiencing many of the same stresses due to poor ergonomics that used to be confined to the traditional reading room.  We are seeing a significant increase in the number of inquiries for ergonomic solutions suitable for radiologist’s home offices.”

Learn how the unique benefits of a RedRick ergonomic workstation can help alleviate the risk of repetitive stress injuries in radiologists, as well as cardiologists, and digital pathologists. Good ergonomics is important for everyone who spends more than 4 hours a day in front of a multi-monitor workstation. All RedRick ergonomic workstations are purpose-built for healthcare professionals and include the following unique attributes:

  1. Customized shapes and sizes that maximize use of space
  2. Optimized to manage unique configurations of diagnostic displays
  3. Stable and effortless ergonomic adjustments

About RedRick Technologies

RedRick Technologies designs, develops, and optimizes reading room environments, and the ergonomic workspaces they synergistically incorporate. You know us best from our sturdy and carefully designed ergonomic workstations and monitor mounting solutions, however, our expertise encompasses space design, environmental control, lighting, and acoustics; all factors that must work together to optimize radiology reading room design.

Since 2003 we have been helping clients maximize their department productivity, workflow, and space utilization, and help ensure their reading environment supports the operational goals of both Radiology and the healthcare enterprise. Our four-step process ensures an optimized radiology reading room design that facilitates your transition from volume-based to value-based imaging. Learn more by contacting us at 1-800-340-9511 and at


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