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Introducing PICOM ModalityGuard™ by ScImage

Why Choose Between Enterprise PACS Functionality and Security?

Los Altos, CA – August 5, 2019 – ScImage, Inc. is bridging the gap between security and functionality with the introduction of the PICOM ModalityGuard™. Health institutions no longer need to choose between being prepared for security threats and having a flexible and interoperable PACS workflow.

In a standard workflow, every data packet that is transferred between PACS, EHRs, or financial systems are heavily encrypted to protect patient data - everything except DICOM and HL7 traffic. This represents a significant security risk, as simple packet capture software could reveal patient information in plain text. 

“PICOM ModalityGuard delivers a highly secure, lightweight, transparent device to isolate unsecure DICOM and non-DICOM devices from the enterprise by placing them in an isolated private network” said ScImage’s founder and CEO, Sai Raya, Ph.D. “PICOM ModalityGuard™ provides transparent DICOM C-Store, C-Find, C-Move, MWL services to these devices. Legacy medical devices can operate the way normally operate and they are fully protected from cybersecurity threats.”

For a ScImage customer that is already using PICOM365 Enterprise PACS, the traffic between PicomGateway and the PICOM365 is already secure; but, third-party enterprise PACS can introduce new security risks that are solved by PICOM ModalityGuard™. Organizations are also protected in situations where patient data is captured in a non-DICOM format. 

PICOM365 by ScImage allows physicians, practices, and patients to securely access any image, anytime, from anywhere. Deployable on-premise, in the Cloud, or in a hybrid environment, PICOM365 is a flexible, scalable, and secure solution for any size organization to read, report, and exchange imaging data in a DoD, SCAP and STIGs approved system. 

About ScImage

Founded in 1993, ScImage remains a customer-first, private company with a mission to provide innovative enterprise imaging solutions to the healthcare industry. ScImage’s unique singledatabase PICOM365 enterprise platform delivers end-to-end imaging workflow for Cardiology, Radiology, Women’s Health, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology and more. Scalable from a single physician practice to multi-hospital enterprises, PICOM365 is delivered on premises, in the cloud, or as hybrid - based on user choice. The perfect synchrony created between on-site and cloud resources allows PICOM365 to provide secure VPN-less image exchange solutions among legacy silo systems, cloud users, and various EHR systems. Learn more at 


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