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New Cell Phone App Improves Patient Experience and Drives Growth
Video-assisted patient education can now be delivered directly through a patient’s cell phone. Patients arrive at their medical appointments on time and properly prepared.

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA (November 27, 2017) -- The Holvan Group, a technology company focused on improving the patient experience and easing the burden placed on physicians, today announced the launch of two apps that complement the company’s educational videos and expand patient engagement. The Holvan Group’s proprietary technologies streamline the patient preparation process and improve the interaction between patients and healthcare providers. With the Holvan Patient Education and Communication App, patients can receive procedure preparation instructions, easily find an imaging center or hospital, and communicate quickly and easily with medical staff. 

Medical care is complex and many people do not understand their medical conditions and treatment plans. The Holvan Group has an expanding library of videos that educate patients on key safety concerns, certain medical conditions, medications, and invasive and minimally invasive surgical procedures. The company’s approach is to educate the patient before they speak to the provider.  This allows for patients to process complex medical information before working with their provider on a plan that meets their individual goals.  The new Holvan Patient Education and Communication App now delivers this professionally-created educational material directly via mobile device.  

The new Holvan Patient Education and Communication App improves communication and facilitates interactions between patients and their healthcare providers. The app allows patients to call to schedule their appointments and to quickly let the provider know if they need to reschedule.  The app also allows patients to communicate with facility managers, the billing department and the Improvement Team. Improvement suggestions can be tallied and ranked allowing for patient-centered improvement projects. Features also include details on office locations with directions, hours and contact information. The navigation page can summon Uber and Lyft or simply pull up Google Maps to help patients find an imaging center. 

Physicians need a fast and efficient way to contact their colleagues. Finding out who is covering a particular hospital - whether the intensivist, hospitalist, radiologist or surgeon can be difficult.  The Holvan Physician Communication App makes it easy to text or call physicians, saving valuable time and decreasing stress. Users will always contact the proper physician the first time regardless of changes in the on-call schedule. With restricted access limited to authorized users determined by providers, this app includes features that allow staff to transfer call coverage to colleagues, manage the call schedule and use in-app calling and HIPAA-compliant secure messaging.  

“The Holvan Group is focused on creating an environment for hospitals and doctors to engage with patients when they need it most – while preparing for medical tests and procedures,” said Dr. Stephen Holtzman, CEO of The Holvan Group. “Our hope is that our videos and apps allow patients to be part of the process and feel comforted with information that allows them to prepare and as a result, reduces anxiety and improves outcomes.” 

The Holvan Group is redesigning healthcare processes from the patient perspective. This is done with simple, easy to use videos that demonstrate what patients can expect with a medical procedure or to ensure proper use of medications and mobile apps. Patients arrive for tests and procedures prepared and more relaxed because they have received the necessary information ahead of time. Knowledge is power, especially when we are at our most vulnerable – as patients. 

About The Holvan Group

Founded with the goal to engage and educate patients and improve the quality of care, The Holvan Group partners with healthcare providers to enhance the patient experience with quality communication. We use engineering principles and technology to radically redesign how healthcare is delivered.  Our processes are continuously improved based on direct patient and provider feedback. With the understanding of the changing payment models in healthcare, our videos are specifically designed to enhance revenue with a low monthly subscription fee that allows minimal upfront costs and an immediate return on investment. Our products are designed to educate patients, improve the patient experience, expand the culture of safety and reduce costs. The Holvan Group is leading the industry with a robust library of high quality patient education videos that explain complex medical care in a simple format for all patients to understand. For more information, please visit:



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