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The Clinically-Validated Solution Promises to Empower Radiologists with Fully Automatic Lung Quantification and Significant Boosts in Reading Efficiency

Coralville, IA (November 14, 2018) — VIDA Diagnostics, Inc. (“VIDA”), the leader in pulmonary imaging analytics, announced it will launch LungPrintä Discovery, an innovative AI-powered lung analysis solution for radiologists, at the Radiological Society of North America’s (RSNA) 104th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, November 25-30 in Chicago.

Leveraging its robust history of advanced lung analysis and extensive clinical biomarker validation, VIDA’s lung AI offering is in a class of its own. LungPrint Discovery provides fully-automatic quantification of lung physiology and function, including both tissue and airway analysis.  LungPrint also features a novel patent-pending airway visualization called “Hyperion View” with the potential to significantly accelerate airway reading and interpreting the complex airway anatomy.

“I’ve had the opportunity to preview VIDA’s LungPrint Discovery and it is a game-changer for the reporting of thoracic CT scans,” said Dr. John Newell, Professor of Radiology at the University of Iowa. “It will empower radiologists to provide a richer set of quantitative CT lung information with a state-of-the-art CT report for the referring physician. The new airway display is remarkable.”

Like a fingerprint, each lung is unique. The LungPrint family of products, starting with LungPrint Discovery, aims to reveal each patient’s unique lung profile in a manner that is clinically meaningful and efficient, helping VIDA deliver on its mission to transform lung care through information and intelligence.

“We are pleased to serve radiologists with a product that delivers on the promises of AI, namely greater and proven clinical precision in tandem with efficiency gains,” said Susan A. Wood, PhD, CEO of VIDA. “Our solution continually evolves and is designed with leading clinicians and clinically validated through large-scale trials.  With seamless integration into the radiology workflow, our best-in-class solution can be used with a broadening audience and make a greater impact on pulmonary patient care.”

About VIDA
VIDA is focused on transforming pulmonary care through intelligence.  Powered by a unique combination of AI and quality-controlled image analysis services, VIDA’s solution aims to provide greater precision and personalization across a range of lung diseases including cancer, emphysema, airway obstructive diseases, asthma and interstitial lung disease.  LungPrintä is part of the VIDA|vision® Software Suite and available for clinical use in the USA, EU, Canada and Australia.  More at