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Resonance Technology's CinemaVision Makes the MRI Experience Virtually Entertaining
New Standard in Patient Comfort and fMRI devices Showcased at RSNA 2020

NORTHRIDGE, Ca., Dec 3, 2020 -- Bringing the comfort of a personal movie theater into the MRI scanning procedure. Combining vivid video and symphonic-quality audio, Resonance Technology offers the ultimate in-patient comfort. CinemaVision is an immersive entertainment system with an MR Headset and Visor that helps to alleviate anxiety and claustrophobia by transporting patients to a breathtaking virtual world.

Latest CinemaVision audio/video functions are being showcased at the all-virtual RSNA 2020 event from November 29 - December 5. Attendees can learn about new system features current in the 2020 model and any up coming product plans for the future of patient comfort Audio/Video devices for the MRI experience.

“This device represents more than 30 years of development and state-of-the-art engineering.  We are confident this product will give you the tools you need for comforting the patient while undergoing MRI or fMRI scan procedures. To maintain being the leader in fMRI and MRI patient comfort systems in the MRI field, we strive to deliver what the customer needs along with impeccable customer service,” said Mokhtar Ziarati President/CEO of Resonance Technology, Inc.

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User has the option to play a Blu-Ray or DVD movie on the CinemaVision Controller in order to see it during the MR scanning procedure. The CinemaVision control is also able to play back digital movies from a USB flash drive, connect to wireless Bluetooth device to stream audio from a smart device and a convenient AUX connection to hook up external audio/video media. This system can also be used in the fMRI setting, but Resonance Technology recommends looking into the VisuaStim system which offers more customization to research paradigm with dual video inputs. Without the need for sedation, the CinemaVision has quick & easy set up for ease in patient use and through put.

CinemaVision features include:

  • Widescreen video display with a 16:9 aspect ratio or standard television 4:3.
  • Total resolution of 240,000 pixels for each display.
  • 45 degrees horizontal field-of-view.
  • Reduced patient waiting time.
  • Head mounting that produces the equivalent of a dramatic 62-inch screen viewed from a 5 1/2 foot distance.
  • Proprietary cordless Laser Link technology that transmits audio-video signal from the console to the magnet room.
  • Digital audio system with 30 dB noise-attenuating headset with 40Hz to 40 kHz. frequency response.
  • Compatibility with 3T-rated field strength magnets, ensuring compatibility with all state-of-the-art MRIs.
  • All Serene Sound audio features.

The CinemaVision System comes with a worry free 1 year manufacturer’s warranty with options to purchase extended warranty. This option can give your facility the peace of mind that service cost would be minimal for years of system usability. Please contact Resonance Technology in order to customize the patient comfort or research paradigm needs for your facility, today!

Additional content can be found on RTC’s RSNA press kit: 

About Resonance Technology

Resonance Technology Company, Inc. is a medical devices manufacturer located in the suburban Los Angeles area. Since its inception in 1987, RTC has endeavored to provide the most advanced, high-quality audio and video devices in an effort to make the MRI scanning process safer, more pleasant, and less costly for both Patients and operators. Over the years, RTC has also played an important role in functional MRI (fMRI) by providing specialized auditory and visual stimulation and response devices to the research community.

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