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18121 Parthenia Street, Suite A
Northridge, CA 91325
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Olivia Shayesteh
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Resonance Technology, Inc. is an ISO13485:2016 and FDA regulated manufacturing company of patient comfort Audio/Video devices for the MRI and fMRI. As an ever-changing world, Resonance Technology, Inc. is constantly reengineering new ways to make the MRI procedure entertaining and sedation-free as possible; as well as making devices for research paradigms in the fMRI environment. Along with our three major systems, CinemaVision, VisuaStim and Serene Sound, Resonance Technology, Inc. is always striving towards fulfilling customer needs. Along with our product comes impeccable customer support for any technical or training needs to truly keep our customers 100% satisfied.

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News Releases
Dec 3, 2020

NORTHRIDGE, Ca., Dec 3, 2020 -- Bringing the comfort of a personal movie theater into the MRI scanning procedure. Combining vivid video and symphonic-quality audio, Resonance Technology offers the...

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