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Automated Care Navigation Platform Significantly Improves Compliance with Follow-Up Imaging after Suspicious Radiology Findings, Health System Reports

CHICAGO (Nov. 29, 2021) — As reported today at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2021 Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, a study conducted by the Philadelphia-based Einstein Healthcare Network found that automated communications produced a statistically significant increase in compliance among patients identified as being at risk of not completing recommended follow-up imaging to monitor suspicious initial findings.

Researchers observed this improvement in an intervention group of patients who received periodic reminder messages through Within Health, an automated care navigation platform that uses AI/ML, behavioral science, and intelligent workflows to improve patient retention without increasing administrative overhead. The intervention group complied 25.6% of the time, compared to 17.1% compliance from a control group that did not receive the automated messages.

“When we recommend a follow-up, it’s for a reason—and many times it’s to make sure something is not cancerous,” said radiologist and study co-author Peter Wang, M.D., of the Einstein Healthcare Network. “When patients are compliant with their follow up imaging, it’s a win-win for the patient and hospital because poor patient outcomes are avoided and hopefully patients see the added value this service provides and return for their follow up.”

According to Dr. Wang, the Within Health platform improves patient compliance despite a lack of manpower to dedicate a human care navigator to the radiology department, a challenge he says he believes many health systems share.

“This service is exactly what we’re looking for,” he said. “The entire platform is extremely automated and requires very little human intervention.”

RSNA attendees interested in learning more about the platform can visit Within Health at Booth 4248 in the exhibit hall.


About Within Health

Within Health aims to improve patient retention and reduce patient leakage, providing health systems and practices with improved revenue and reduced liability while enabling higher quality care for patients. Co-founded by healthcare technology, data analytics, and digital communication experts, Within Health is working with some of the largest and most innovative radiology practices and health systems in the U.S. and expanding quickly. Within Health is based in Brooklyn, NY, and backed by Antler and BNM Ventures. Learn more about Within Health at or on Twitter @seewithinhealth.

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