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Сare Mentor AI is an artificial intelligence system developer, which created a cloud-based system for analyzing and interpreting the results of radiological research methods. It provides a screening model for the analysis and description of frontal chest X-rays, foot, knee and mammography. This system can be used to optimize the workflow of radiologists, including the early diagnosis of various pathological conditions, therefore, increasing speed and reducing the medical error rate. It also can be seen as a decision support system; for the internal quality control of doctors; and for teaching/testing students’ knowledge in universities.

News Releases
Nov 27, 2019

Authors: Lilian Nitris, Evgenii Zhukov, Dmitry Blinov, Pavel Gavrilov, Ekaterina Blinova & Alina Lobishcheva Оbjective : An approach was suggested to detect whether patient has any lung pathology...

Nov 26, 2019

WILLINGTON, Delaware, November 20, 2019 — Care Mentor AI, an international company specializing in AI applications in medical image analysis will introduce their ideas to optimize the workflow...

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