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Double Black Imaging Announces Customized Ergonomic Workstations

RSNA 2019, Westminster, CO.  The perfect radiology workstation merges ergonomics with safety, is adjusted specifically to you, and reduces eye fatigue, wrist strain, and the risk of repetitive motion injury.  At RSNA 2019, Double Black Imaging is introducing new ergonomic workstations and showcasing some of their customizable capabilities.  These innovative options offer ergonomic features that emphasize productivity and efficiency, electronic height adjustability, plenty of power points for equipment and personal devices, sound reduction, task lighting, and monitor mounts that will keep monitors at an ergonomic level for each user, with exquisite cable management. 

DBI will also highlight the Verte Chair - which molds itself to the unique shape of the user’s spine - making this the ultimate solution for reading room comfort and productivity.   Other ergonomic solutions from DBI include sit-stand desk conversions, monitor mounts, sound blocking technology, small carts, additional chair options, and more.  Double Black Imaging is able to provide a comprehensive workstation by combining our high-quality displays, CPUs, desks, and space planning.

Double Black Imaging is proud to be the largest medical display supplier and calibration software developer that creates 100% of our software and performs 100% display system integration in the USA.  Our team has a renowned history of providing the industry’s finest customer service; we are continually acknowledged by thousands of Radiologists and IT Professionals who put their trust in us every day.  We are dedicated to developing innovative imaging solutions that greatly improve image quality and stability. Making imaging more efficient to reduce healthcare costs is what DBI stands for.

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Media Contact: Tara Neill