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Together with NVIDIA CLARA, Fovia Ai Brings AI Annotation Tools to Physicians Everywhere
Delivering Efficiency and Accuracy to Medical Imaging Workflow

Chicago, Illinois, December 3rd, 2019 — Fovia Ai, Inc., a world leader in advanced visualization technology and the developer of XStream® aiCockpit™, XStream® aiPlatform™ and F.A.S.T.® AI Annotation, today announced it is working with NVIDIA to integrate Fovia Ai’s artificial intelligence technology with NVIDIA AI-Assisted Annotation, powered by NVIDIA Clara™. This integration will accelerate the delivery of AI-assisted workflows to radiologists by leveraging Fovia’s High Definition Volume Rendering® installed base in leading PACS viewers and nearly two decades of radiology integration experience.

F.A.S.T. AI Annotation provides the ability to improve ground truth marking, interact with annotations in 2D and 3D, access cloud-based, truth-annotation tools, annotate and segment voxels in 3D, and utilize F.A.S.T.® AI Validation tools that seamlessly integrate into the imaging ecosystem. The streamlined architecture of Fovia Ai’s technology, together with NVIDIA AI-Assisted Annotation, accelerate the annotation process, helping radiologists save time and increase productivity.

Fovia Ai is showcasing F.A.S.T. AI Annotation at the 105th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), along with its flagship AI products, XStream aiCockpit and XStream aiPlatform, that enable radiologists and clinicians to efficiently access AI results directly within their existing workflows and provide efficient navigation and meaningful interaction with diverse AI results, including real-time interactive tools and validation capabilities.

“We are excited to work with NVIDIA. Its Clara architecture and EGX intelligent edge computing platform provide an outstanding solution to run these AI Algorithms quickly enough to embed them directly into clinical workflows. Starting with NVIDIA AI-Assisted Annotations and then allowing physicians to use Fovia Ai’s F.A.S.T. AI Annotation to merely accept or slightly adjust results delivers the most efficient way for physicians to assist in creating the large amounts of labeled data required to train deep neural networks for advanced medical imaging applications,” stated industry veteran and Fovia Ai’s Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Kreeger, Ph.D.

“Combining Fovia Ai’s user experience with NVIDIA Clara’s AI-Assisted Annotation SDK will expedite creating meaningful annotation to accelerate AI algorithm development,” said Brad Genereaux, Medical Imaging Alliance Manager at NVIDIA. “By helping radiologists integrate AI workflows into their everyday clinical work, they can save time and increase productivity.”

See F.A.S.T. AI Annotation, the Fovia Ai and NVIDIA integration, as well as XStream aiCockpit, XStream aiPlatform, F.A.S.T. AI Validation, F.A.S.T.® AI Workflows and F.A.S.T.® Interactive AI, at RSNA, Dec. 1 - Dec. 5, in Chicago (AI Showcase, Booth 10518). To arrange a demonstration or learn more, contact us.

About Fovia Ai:

Fovia Ai, Inc. is a subsidiary of Fovia, Inc., a world leader in advanced visualization, a preeminent provider of cloud-based, zero-footprint imaging SDKs, and the developer of High Definition Volume Rendering®, XStream® HDVR® and F.A.S.T.® RapidPrint®. Fovia Ai’s flagship products, XStream® aiCockpit™ and XStream® aiPlatform™ enable radiologists and clinicians to efficiently access AI results directly within their existing workflows from any PACS, worklist, dictation software or hospital system. Complementary products in Fovia Ai’s product suite include F.A.S.T.® AI Annotation, F.A.S.T.® AI Validation, F.A.S.T.® AI Workflows, F.A.S.T.® Interactive AI and F.A.S.T.® Interactive Segmentation, collectively providing tools to annotate, validate, modify, accept/reject, interact with and segment data. The flexible architecture of Fovia Ai’s product suite and Fovia’s nearly two decades of radiology integration experience facilitate seamless integrations with a variety of partners, platforms, processors and operating systems.

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