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Lunit Returns to RSNA with Real-time Imaging Platform, Featuring Cloud-based AI
-Live demonstrations of Lunit INSIGHT at booth #8164, North Hall, McCormick Place

Nov. 22, 2017 一 Lunit, an AI-powered medical image analysis software company, today announced its return to RSNA 2017 with a new and advanced, cloud-based artificial intelligence solution for real-time image analysis 一 Lunit INSIGHT. This will be the first live-demonstration of the software to the public at 2017 Radiology Society of North America Annual Meeting (RSNA), beginning November 26 through December 1 at booth #8164, North Hall, McCormick Place in Chicago.

Lunit was chosen as RSNA 2017’s “featured” exhibitor, following the initial presentation last year, also as a featured, first-time exhibitor. Lunit is one of the top international medical AI companies, named in <CB Insights “AI 100” startups> list as one of the leaders transforming healthcare industry.

At RSNA 2017, Lunit is to introduce <Lunit INSIGHT>, a cloud-based imaging AI platform that is currently available to the public at The platform delivers Lunit’s state-of-the-art AI models; the first one to be unveiled is the chest x-ray solution. Lunit’s chest x-ray solution detects major chest abnormalities, lung nodule/mass, consolidation, and pneumothorax, with an unprecedented high level of accuracy 一 97% standalone accuracy in nodule detection, 99% for consolidation and pneumothorax. Studies have also shown Lunit INSIGHT to significantly increase the diagnostic performance of its users up to 20%, from non-radiology physicians to radiology experts.

“Lunit’s vision is to develop advanced software for medical data analysis and interpretation that goes beyond the level of human vision,” said Anthony S. Paek, CEO of Lunit. “In presenting Lunit INSIGHT, we hope to contribute in opening a new era of medical practice, by helping and empowering healthcare professionals to make more accurate, consistent, and efficient clinical decisions for the patients.”

Users can upload their medical images via online, at Lunit INSIGHT webpage. AI analysis results appear in just a few seconds, including not only the level of abnormality, but also the visualization of the AI’s attention map.

During RSNA 2017, on Tuesday, 28 November, Brandon B. Suh, Chief Medical Officer, will give a presentation, “Lunit INSIGHT: Toward Beyond-Human-Level AI for Medical Imaging Modalities,” at Machine Learning Theater. A press conference and demonstration at Lunit booth will be followed shortly after the presentation. In addition, 3 abstract presentations that show research results that apply Lunit’s AI will be held in multiple Science Sessions during RSNA.

About Lunit

Founded in 2013, Lunit develops advanced medical image analytics and novel imaging biomarkers via cutting-edge deep learning technology, in order to empower healthcare practitioners to make more accurate, consistent, and efficient clinical decisions. Lunit has proven high-end technology, recognized at international competitions such as ImageNet (5th place, 2015), TUPAC 2016 (1st place), and Camelyon 2017 (1st place, post-reopening), surpassing top companies like Google, IBM, and Microsoft. Lunit was chosen as Top AI startups in healthcare industry by CB Insights in 2017 and also was listed as “Top 5 AI startups for social impact” by NVIDIA. Lunit is based in Seoul, South Korea.

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