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Radiologists are facing numerous challenges and must adopt tools that facilitate the transition from volume-based to value-based imaging. To succeed and fulfill the Imaging 3.0™ imperative, radiologists must address productivity demands while simultaneously adding clinical value to patient care. Montage Healthcare Solutions developed MONTAGE Search and Analytics™, which provides the radiology productivity, quality, and safety improvement tools that will be crucial for ongoing success. Meaningful and actionable quality, outcomes, patient safety, and productivity understanding can be extracted from the unstructured radiology narrative in your radiology information system (RIS) and electronic medical record (EMR). Complex clinical quality questions can be easily answered, while the customizable analytics tools speed assessment of business performance and clinical quality. The derived intelligence enables competitive dominance through superior services and enhanced revenue, while enabling radiologists to be appreciated as valued participants in improved care delivery. For more information, visit:

Note: Imaging 3.0 is a trademark of the American College of Radiology

News Releases
Nov 19, 2015

Montage Healthcare Solutions, Inc. today announced the launch of the MONTAGE Collaborative Research Network™ (MCRN) that enables multi-site and cross-institutional research queries and analytics...

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