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JLK Inspection with AI Technologies at Radiological Society of North America 2018 and International Security Expo 2018

Toward AI-based Medical Image Analysis Solution (JBS-01K, JPC-01K)

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Specialized in AI-based solutions, JLK Inspection, Inc., a member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre, will participate in the 104th Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2018 in Chicago, USA, from November 25th to 30th to display the latest AI-based medical image diagnosis supporting system.

Image analysis of JPC-01K, Artificial Intelligence-based solution for prostate cancer

JLK Inspection's product line includes a wide range of solutions for stroke, Alzheimer's, prostate cancer and lung cancer. Through the AI-based image analysis technology, it learns various medical images such as MRI, CT, X-ray and has more than 15 solutions for more than 10 diseases.

Providing users with quantitative analysis of medical images, the products not only enhance user convenience, but also assist in improving the objectivity of medical care based on quantitative grounds of AI analysis.

In RSNA 2018, JLK Inspection introduces 'JBS-01K', an ischemic stroke diagnosis solution. JBS-01K, which is now moving forward to get approved by the FDA and CE for the US and European markets.

'JBS-01K' recently obtained approval for the first time as an AI-based class 3 medical device in Korea, analyzes brain MRI images and clinical information to detect ischemic stroke lesions and to perform TOAST classification of ischemic stroke subtypes, visualizes the result, and provides the quantitative result to the user.

A prostate cancer diagnosis solution, 'JPC-01K' is also one of the solutions which uses the patient's multi-parameter MRI image as input and automatically detects the location of prostate cancer, visualizes the result and provides it to the user.

This solution allows physicians or medical experts to perform a MR-targeted biopsy according to the analysis result of 'JPC-01K', which acts as a quantitative ground for the determination and detection of biopsy area to reduce the risks of prostate cancer patients, such as injection, pain caused from biopsy and so on.

Toward AI-based Security Image Analysis Solution (JSS-01K)

As an expansion of AI-based image analysis technologies into security industry, JLK Inspection will also participate in the International Security Expo (ISE) 2018, the event will take place in London Olympia, UK, from November 28th to 29th.

ISE is the largest security showcase hosted by the UK's Nineteen Events, which grows drastically with a big difference than ever and boasts of world-class B2B exhibitions and conferences.

In this exhibition, JLK Inspection, which has proven AI-Based technologies in the field of medical image analysis, will make an appearance to the X-ray field backed by its own development of an intelligent X-Ray image analysis solution called 'JSS-01K'.

These days, there is no clear way to prevent most of confidential information leakages that occur through using portable storage devices and smart devices. Therefore, the leakage of information and technology occurs frequently and hard to prevent.

In regard to enhance enterprise security against information leakage, 'JSS-01K' is developed by JLK Inspection to analyze automatically the security X-ray images and immediately provide detection area of the items after training by machine learning algorithm.

'JSS-01K' provides not only efficient, secure and intelligent management service of enterprise security in real time, but also seamless connection service and compatibility with all existing X-ray equipment installed in security field.

In August of 2018, JLK Inspection successfully completed field testing of 'JSS-01K' at the security site of the largest semiconductor manufacturing factory in Korea. Security personnel at actual site who used the solution appreciated and realized the effectiveness of enterprise security enhancement and work efficiency management, and mentioned the necessity of prompt release of 'JSS-01K'.

For the present, 'JSS-01K' is basically being offered as detection target for notebook, external HDD, smart phone, USB, tablet PC and possible to expand the target scope according to user's needs. Hence, it can be introduced and applied to the overall security market of X-ray. It will also contribute to government bodies and security sites where the import of goods is prohibited for security reasons such as guns, knives and so on.

JLK Inspection will show the differentiation and excellence of its intelligent X-Ray image analysis solution, 'JSS-01K', which is based on artificial intelligence technology for security industry workers. JLK Inspection will demonstrate the solution to participants directly during the exhibition period.

Won Tae Kim, CEO of JLK Inspection said, "We will continue to show innovative solutions through our efforts and strive to contribute to medical industry and security industry, so that we can become the world leader in Artificial Intelligence Technologies."

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