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12 Sigma Technologies to Launch Four New AI Medical Products at RSNA 2018

CHICAGO, Nov. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- 12 Sigma Technologies, developer of world-leading medical imaging solutions inspired by artificial intelligence and deep learning, will introduce four(4) new CAD products at RSNA 2018. These include σ-Discover/Lung DR, σ-Discover/Mammo, σ-Discover/Stroke CT, and σ-Discover/Liver CT.

12 Sigma Technologies Will Attend RSNA 2018

Founded in San Diego, CA in 2015, 12 Sigma Technologies has rapidly emerged as a key innovator in medical imaging AI and large-scale medical data services. In addition to launching four products at RSNA, the company will host two events during the exhibition, which takes place November 25th-30th. The first event, Machine Learning Theater Presentation, will be held on November 25th. The second, a Lunch and Learn Presentation, will occur on November 26th. All RSNA 2018 attendees are encouraged to attend.

Since its founding, 12 Sigma has been dedicated to the mission "Bring Deep Learning to Intelligent Medicine", focusing on computer aided diagnosis and medical data analysis. Now, 12 Sigma has developed a comprehensive series of semi-automatic/automatic medical diagnosis systems and medical data analytics systems. These products have been clinically proven to be effective on medical imaging (e.g., CT, MRI, DR) for a diverse set of diseases.

The company has built an advanced deep learning hardware architecture and software platform to drive a suite of efficient, accurate clinical solutions. These tools extract meaningful insights from big data to predict and diagnose various diseases.  12 Sigma deploys these solutions in Cloud CAD, a diagnostic platform that utilizes cloud computing and cloud storage. Cloud CAD supports online real-time image reading, with sharing of remote image data.

Radiologists, surgeons and physicians around the world use 12 Sigma's innovative suite of products, which offer them fully automatic detection, classification and segmentation, saving 90% of the time required by traditional reading procedures.

"We look forward to contributing to medicine and healthcare through our AI based solutions.  We work closely with our strategic partners, such as GE, Alibaba Health and NVIDIA. Together, we are excited to bring the latest technology into our daily lives, making our lives better," said Xin Zhong, Co-founder & CEO of 12 Sigma. He said the company will share its recent achievements in medical AI through this exhibition at RSNA.

For more details, please visit us at Booth No.7764 at RSNA 2018, or contact us to attend the events on November 25th and 26th in Chicago.


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