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Illuminate Addresses Gender and Racial Inequities in Aneurysm Care

Leveraging new comprehensive arterial aneurysm surveillance capabilities to fully automate the identification and management of aneurysm patients.

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., June 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ --Softek Illuminate, Inc., provider of enterprise follow-up management and discovery software, announces significant arterial aneurysm enhancements which allow the comprehensive life-saving capability of their Illuminate Discovery360TM Platform which benefits all at-risk aneurysm populations. One real world example of this life saving technology that also ensures health equity, is the Aortic Aneurysm program at UCDavis Health.

"Ethnic and racial minorities and women often receive less attention from the U.S. health care system, which has been shown in particular in patients with vascular diseases," notes Dr. Steven P. Okuhn, Chief Medical Officer of Softek Illuminate, Inc, "Discovery360 is a multi-faceted product that facilitates diagnosis and ongoing care of Arterial Aneurysms with resultant decrease in morbidity and mortality for all patients irrespective of gender, race, or ethnic group."

New Workflow Conscious AITM capabilities enable the following:

  • Enhanced prioritization through guideline driven AI.
  • Automated creation of patient invitation and reminder letters through improved EHR integration.
  • Automated data capture and workflow.

These new capabilities make it easier for healthcare organizations to save more lives by providing a safety net for less-compliant vascular patients. They build upon our previously announced ability to identify a wide range of abdominal and thoracic arterial aneurysms and advance our efforts to make is easier for care navigators to manage patients.

The full suite of Illuminate applications will be available for demonstration in Booth #1003 at next week's Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM). Schedule your time here.

In addition, the following posters will be presented at VAM. They provide examples of how our people, process and technology can be used to uncover and resolve gender and racial inequities:

  1. (IP253) Use of Natural Language Processing to Improve Surveillance of Aortic Aneurysms in Women Deemed Ineligible by Current Guidelines
  2. (PC176) Use of Natural Language Processing to Describe Screening and Surveillance of Aortic Aneurysms in Ethnic and Racial Minority Groups
  3. (VESS03) Natural History of Infrarenal Aortic Ectasia Within a Large, Regional Integrated Health Network

The Discovery 360TM Platform incorporates skilled Illuminate nurse navigators with expertise in patient follow-up and management workflow to lower the barrier for implementing a comprehensive aneurysm surveillance program that:

  • Ensures Patients Are not "Lost to Follow-Up."
  • Eliminates Gaps in Care.
  • Aligns follow-up care with health system care guidelines.
  • Improves Follow-Up Compliance.
  • Retains Patients In-Network and Reducing Leakage.
  • Averts Ruptures and Saves Lives.

"Discovery360 was developed to make it easy to find and repeatedly engage with aneurysm patients who were "lost" in the EMR and remain at risk of being lost again and again," states Matt McLenon, Founder, Softek Illuminate, Inc. "We enable our clients to save the lives and limbs of their patients every day!"

About Softek Illuminate, Inc.

Illuminate is the industry-leading provider of end-to-end discovery, follow-up, and patient management solutions for hospitals and health systems. We achieve this by combining our advanced AI-powered patient management platform with our nurse navigator's knowledge of integrated clinical workflows and follow-up processes. 

The Illuminate Platform enables healthcare organizations to provide the highest quality and most cost-effective care while growing revenue throughout the patient journey. Illuminate accomplishes this by simplifying the process of setting up and running disease specific surveillance and screening programs and ensuring that the right care team manages the appropriate patients at the right time. To learn more, visit Illuminate in booth #1003 at next week's Vascular Annual Meeting or visit