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Illuminate Announces an Enterprise Solution to the Follow-Up of Actionable Incidental Findings
Radiology can now focus efforts on identification and diagnosis—and not be distracted by follow-up tracking.

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Nov. 7, 2023 -- Softek Illuminate, Inc., a provider of enterprise follow-up management and discovery software, announces the ability of their Discovery360 services to offload the follow-up responsibility from radiology and enable the entire health system to efficiently participate in the management of patients' Actionable Incidental Findings (AIFs).

Discovery360 helps improve radiologist productivity by ensuring the broader care team sees all AIFs, whether or not they include an explicit follow-up recommendation. This provides radiology with the assurance that any AIF in their clinical report is seen and acted upon.

In addition, Discovery360 provides a single enterprise IT follow-up solution that eliminates departmental staffing challenges associated with identifying, tracking, and managing patients with AIFs. It captures patients with AIFs identified in all venues of care, including the emergency department, inpatient settings, and outpatient settings. This puts more patients under care and creates the opportunity to save more lives.

"Radiologists are innately concerned with whether their patients are appropriately followed up upon, as the radiology contribution to care quality is often measured," notes Dr. Mark Perry, a radiologist at University of Kansas Medical Center. "Software and services like Discovery 360 can save radiology a significant amount of time and energy by standardizing follow-up workflows while ensuring the quality of patient care is improved."

The full suite of Illuminate applications, including PatientView enterprise search, will be available for demonstration in Booth #7707 – North Hall at the upcoming Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). Schedule your time here.

Illuminate will also be demonstrating at RSNA new Workflow Conscious AI capabilities that enable the following:

  • Ability to improve organizational productivity
  • Capacity to manage disease specific initiatives
  • Applying intelligence to an expansive list of document types, well beyond clinical reports

The Discovery360 Platform incorporates skilled Illuminate nurse navigators with expertise in patient follow-up workflow to simplify the ability to track and manage all patients with actionable incidental findings, whether or not they have an explicit follow-up recommendation. Discovery 360 can:

  • Eliminate radiologist concern about follow-up adherence
  • Improve follow-up compliance and efficiency
  • Ensure patients are not "lost to follow-up"
  • Improve quality of care

"We understand that radiologists are at the forefront of understanding the problem of ensuring patients with actionable incidental findings receive the timely follow-up care they need," states Seth Rupp, CEO, Softek Illuminate, Inc. "However, we also understand that fully solving this problem requires an enterprise IT solution that makes it easy for the broader healthcare organization to do so."

About Softek Illuminate, Inc.

Illuminate is the industry-leading provider of end-to-end discovery, follow-up, and patient management solutions for hospitals and health systems. The company achieves this by combining an advanced AI-powered patient management platform with a nurse navigator's knowledge of integrated clinical workflows and follow-up processes. The Illuminate Platform enables healthcare organizations to provide the highest quality and most cost-effective follow-up care while growing revenue throughout the patient journey. Illuminate accomplishes this by ensuring the right care team manages the appropriate patients at the right time. To learn more, visit Illuminate in Booth #7707-North Hall at the upcoming RSNA Annual Meeting or visit